Unemployment Insurance in Maryland: The Facts you Need to Help Clients Navigate the System

On April 22nd, JOTF partnered with the University of Maryland School of Law and the Baltimore CASH Campaign to present a workshop on unemployment insurance in Maryland.  The forum was attended by service providers, advocates, and lawyers from around the region.  The event gave attendees an overview of the UI policy landscape, and an in-depth look at UI eligibility criteria and the appeals process.

JOTF Executive Director Jason Perkins-Cohen opened the event with a discussion of the importance of the UI safety net for vulnerable workers.  He also discussed recent policy changes, including an increase in the maximum benefit, eligibility for part-time workers, adoption of the alternative base period, and extended benefits for workers in approved training programs.  Perkins-Cohen cautioned that the push for cost-neutrality often puts benefit cuts on the table alongside positive change, and called on attendees to stay engaged in the policy process.

A group of students from the University of Maryland School of Law’s Worker’s Rights Clinic followed with an in-depth presentation on the practical and legal side of navigating the UI system.  They provided details on the application process, eligibility and disqualification rules, the appeals process, and tips for clients involved in appeals.  Judy Smylie, Director of the Lower Appeals Division at the Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation, was on hand to answer questions at the end of the session.

Click here to view a video recording of the event.

Read JOTF’s UI Fact Sheet from the forum.

View the University of Maryland’s Know Your Rights PowerPoint presentation.

Download a reference sheet with UI assistance resources in your area.

DISCLAIMER: These materials do not constitute legal advice, and applicable laws discussed are subject to change.

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