The Job Opportunities Task Force (JOTF) works to develop and advocate policies and programs to increase the skills, job opportunities, and incomes of low-skill, low-income workers and job seekers.

JOTF releases college affordability report

'Priced Out' makes recommendations for improving higher education access and success

In Priced Out: Making College More Affordable for Low-Income Marylanders, we examine the financial challenges facing Maryland’s college students and offer a number of recommendations to close the gap in college access and completion, particularly for low-income and nontraditional students.


Issued in partnership with the Working Poor Families Project, the report examines how students pay for college, the challenges they face in completing a degree and the effectiveness of Maryland’s financial aid programs.


For more information about the report, contact Sarah Breitenbach.  
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Low-wage workers are twice as likely as high-wage workers to find themselves unemployed, but only one-third as likely to collect unemplolyment insurance benefits. 
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