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Session wraps with passage of Second Chance Act

Campaign for paid sick days to return in 2016

As the Maryland 2015 legislative session closed recently, we simultaneously felt a strong sense of accomplishment and a yearning to do more.

After four years, the Maryland Second Chance Act finally won approval from lawmakers, opening access to jobs and housing for more than 200,000 people in our state. This, coupled with the last-minute repeal of a statute that prohibits expungement of a record if a person is subsequently convicted of another crime, is great news for the one in three adults dealing with the lasting impact of a criminal 

Unfortunately, the Maryland Campaign for Paid Sick Days was not as successful this year as lawmakers once again declined to act on the Healthy Working Families Act. We recently received instruction to work with opponents during the interim as legislative leaders are committed to seriously considering this law in 2016.


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Photo courtesy Office of Gov. Larry Hogan. 


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Low-wage workers are twice as likely as high-wage workers to find themselves unemployed, but only one-third as likely to collect unemplolyment insurance benefits. 
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