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Baltimore's 'Ban the Box' law takes effect

Measure will improve access to employment for local workers

Beginning Aug. 15, employers in Baltimore City can no longer ask about or require the disclosure of criminal records, run a background check or consider a job applicant’s criminal record prior to extending a conditional offer of employment.

Known as “Ban the Box,” this measure will give workers across the city the opportunity to be considered for a job based on their skills and qualifications, rather than be disqualified based on their past. Under the new law, only convictions and unresolved arrests directly related to a person’s ability to do a job may be considered in employment decisions.

This policy means renewed opportunities for Baltimore residents looking to return to the workforce following an arrest or period of incarceration. JOTF looks forward to the positive impact the law will have on our communities. For more information, contact Caryn York.
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Low-wage workers are twice as likely as high-wage workers to find themselves unemployed, but only one-third as likely to collect unemplolyment insurance benefits. 
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