Feb 7, 2016

Connecting Baltimore’s Opportunity Youth to Careers

Opportunity Youth are young adults between the age of 16-24 who are not enrolled in school or employment.

Barriers such as low math and computation skills, low school attainment, homelessness, structural racism, or criminal history further hinder their chance to move forward. Engaging them in the educational programs and occupational training will have positive outcomes for only in their living standard but on Baltimore’s economy as well.

Baltimore Metropolitan Area has about 42,000 Opportunity Youth and the City of Baltimore has about 1 in every five youth disconnected from education or employment. There are several organizations such as YO!  Baltimore, YouthWorks Summer Employment and Connect Baltimore that have been working with these youth but more needs to be done.

Job Opportunities Task Force along with Baltimore Promise published a report based on best practices for connecting these youth to a sustainable career. There are seven recommendations that Baltimore could execute to reduce the gap further.  Some of the recommendations are building infrastructure, career based resources or interventions to improve skills in math and learning

Download the Report (PDF)

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